Chapter 5

Allina entered my room and stood gawping at the walls, the bed and what not. I was expecting her to look at me and say, “Really? Are you a toddler, Donatella?” but instead she appeared to be pleased. Well, that was astounding.

“Wow! You’re so creative. No wonder you get straight A’s in Art,” said Allina.

“Well, thanks. Glad you like it. Umm, I think we should sit in my study room?”

“Oh, yeah. We could. Honestly, I would love to sit in this room itself. It’s so lively and gives out amazing vibes!”

“Yeah, we could come back after looking around and getting something to munch on.”



My opinion about Allina was changing so rapidly that I, myself, couldn’t keep a track of when I started to think of her as a sweet and amiable individual. We went downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed some crisps and chocolate bars, while I took a glass of orange juice. We went back upstairs, and while climbing the stairs I realized that I was already changing. And the best part was that I knew that I was being myself! My room totally depicted who I was and that didn’t disappoint Allina. Well, maybe just maybe, Allina and I could be friends. We could probably turn the tedious summer vacation into an intriguing one with lots of fun and outings. That’s when it dawned upon me, maybe none of this will happen. Maybe she’s just here because it’s raining and she’ll probably forget all about this afterwards! I push away these thoughts and decided to seize the moment.


“Here,” I point towards the left to my study room.

“Oh, okay.” She said while approaching the door.


I opened the door and I could clearly see that Allina was awe-struck by this room, too. Wow, I thought, our preferences are so common! I couldn’t help myself from imagining Allina hanging out in Starbucks with me. Both of us going around in the mall, window shopping and trying out new clothes while taking selfies wearing them in the changing room. Then, we would probably go watch the current comedy or drama movie, since we both must love those movies.


Pop! I came flying back to the reality.


Allina exclaimed, “You have a window here. Oh, my go! The view’s beautiful. To be honest, I have always adored your yard from my window! I must say, I love the study table.”

Upon saying this, she leaned towards the table and saw the poem I had been working on before she came. She read it and seemed to be impressed.

“Donatella, you write some great stuff. You should start publishing them. I’d buy all of them, really!”

“Oh, thanks. My parents were also insisting me to publish them. Well, now that I heard you suggest it too, I guess will try to get them out informally if not published. Thanks for the appreciation, though.”

To this, Allina gave me a smile that I think was the sweetest one anyone could ever carry.


We then started towards my room, when Allina saw the wall clock and her eyes nearly popped out while she exclaimed, “Oh, no! Where is my phone? I’m very late. I promised my mom to be back in about 5 minutes.”

I don’t know why I felt a scintilla of pain, but I was a little disappointed about the fact that she hadn’t meant to stay for long. Which means that she had to unwillingly stay because of the heavy down-pour. I should’ve known better.


“I’m sorry, Donatella. But I gotta go. I didn’t even realize it had been this long. I had a great time! Thanks.”

This sent hope strike right through me. She had a great time!


“Oh, my pleasure. I, too, had a lot of fun. Well, I hope to see you soon!”

Oops! I just asked her to see me again? Wait, Donatella, calm down.

I continued, “We could hang out tomorrow if you’d like?”

I prayed and now she’ll reply sure, how’s Starbucks? The one around the corner. I could pick you in my car. How does 3 o’clock sound?


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