Allina is sitting on the sofa and looking around the room and its interior. I wonder if I’m the only one who finds my home’s interior gloomy, what with the antique looks my parents are fond of.

I think of sharing the double sized sofa on which Allina is sitting, but think better of it and sit on the arm chair that’s positioned adjacent to the sofa. I put the orange juice on the coffee table, while Allina thanks me for letting her in the house.

I reply, “Seriously? I should be thanking you. You got that keychain and because of that you’re stuck here.”                                                                                                                   “Oh, c’mon. By the way, are those your pictures,” She says while pointing towards the wall which has inter-connected photo frames.

I distinctively remember how much I loathed having those embarrassing pictures of mine being put up on the wall.                                                                                                “They look hideous! Can’t I choose from the pictures of the recent vacation,” I had said. My mother had replied with a tinge of joyfulness in her voice, “Sweetheart, they’re so cute. And we will put those pictures somewhere in the house, too. Look at these pictures, don’t they freshen your childhood memories? Now c’mon, stop whining and get going to school.”                                                                                                                                    My father had simply nodded his head in agreement.

In a flash, I came back to the reality. “Yeah, they’re just so embarrassing,” I replied while standing up to guide her towards my room. “Would you like to see my room? The interior isn’t as intriguing but more colorful and less formal.” Allina too stood up and replied while giggling lightly, “You clearly aren’t fond of this room’s interior. Well, I sure would love to see your preferences of interior designing now.”

I lead her up the staircase and to the right. Before opening the door, some depressing thoughts creep up to me. You shouldn’t have invited her to look at my room, my mind tells me. Oh, god! Now she’ll see all the posters, no window, the wall that I painted and what not! What will she say? Is this a bad move? Is her reaction going to discourage me from transforming? No, no, no! Please, God. Help me!

While these thoughts dawned on me, I realized that Allina had already pushed open the door to my room. Seriously?


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