It’ll be back;

You know it will.

It’ll be in your head’s sack;

Right where you want it to be.


It’ll not disappoint you;

It never has.

You know it’s true;

Never lied, has it?


It comes when you want it;

Spare some time.

Don’t just quit;

It hasn’t either.


Think of it and embrace it;

It’ll think of you and come to you.

Think of what just hit it;

Severe and agonizing, wasn’t it?


Aching is what it bears;

Love is what it desires.

The feelings are what it shares;

Makes them half, doesn’t it?


Oh, beloved!

The soul’s in pain.

Don’t make it unbeloved,

Share its pain now.


Talk to it;

Know it.

Love it and tell it,

I belong to you, my soul!


Acknowledge it for dividing your pain.

Tell the soul,

You stood for me when there was nothing left to gain.

Think of your soul.


Talk, to your soul.

Adore, your soul.

Share love, with your soul.

Become, your soul!






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