That feeling is sublime!

It makes the impossible seem possible.


That feeling is essential!

It adds on to the reasons for one to live.


That feeling is pleasing!

It makes one look at life like a spellbinding view.


That feeling is assuring!

It helps cross the tallest of mountains in life.hope-quotes-14Hope20


That feeling is wanted!

It makes you want your life and the ride that comes with it.




That feeling is forceful!

It can serve your eyes with happy tears.


That feeling is angelic!

It can take your soul for a walk on the path of positive goals.


That feeling is dazzling!

It can break through the darkness.


That feeling is unique for everyone!

It is thought of and held onto by only and only you.


That feeling is distinct!

It is experienced only by you.


That feeling is of hope!

-Drisha Dadheech

Hey, there! I’m back with another poem and am sorry that I haven’t been posting frequently. Hope you liked this poem of mine. Do share, comment and like!

Thanks for viewing!


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