Chapter 3

Okay, really. If I tell you that it was one of my classmates, you’d think I just exaggerated my feelings. It’s not even like she’s one of the mean girls or the popular ones. But get this, I just don’t have people, especially not my classmates, walk to my door to address me!


I think I must have blanked out for an entire minute because the girl standing on the door is clicking her fingers in front of my face. I manage to bring my face back to its normal position and greet her with a strained voice, “Hi, Allina.”

Allina replies with a what’s-wrong-with-her expression and says, “Hi, Donatella. I just came here to return this keychain of yours.”

She fidgets with the purse and in her hands, I see my lucky keychain. Well, I have given it the tag of a ‘Lucky Keychain’ but I don’t think it does any of its work. I just named it so because all my friends- that is when I had friends- had an object that they had named to be lucky for them.


I snap back to the existing condition and with a strained-yet-meant-to-be-pleasing-voice, I remarked, “Oh, thanks. Where did you find that from? And how did you know that it’s mine?” I end my sentence with a smile, which takes way too much effort.

Allina remarks, “Well, I have always noticed you clinging onto the keychain many times. Then, I saw it in the basketball court near the place where you fell, so I thought it might be yours.”

Near the place I fell, huh? I know she is trying to be nice to me that’s why she just didn’t burst into laughter and said Where Paul made you fall, hahaha. Honestly, I don’t think that’s even funny. Why did everybody laugh? Because I was the one who fell? Probably, my stomach declares. Great.

I then say, “Thanks. Must have been a trouble for you to come to my house and hand it over, right?”

Allina looks as though she is surprised and I seriously don’t understand why she looks that way. It’s like I don’t understand anybody!

“I don’t think you were aware that I live opposite to your house,” she says with a small smile and points towards the house opposite mine. “So, no it wasn’t a trouble for me to hand this over to you.”

I simply don’t know what to say when suddenly rain starts to pour down.

I hear Allina say, “Are you kidding me? It’s summer time, right?”

I nod towards my living room and say, “You could come inside.”

I don’t want her to think that I want to be friends with her or something so I continue, “I mean, you don’t really want to get wet in this heavy downpour, right?”

Allina nod with a small smile before thanking me and walking into the living room.

“I love the interior,” says Allina while looking around.

“Yeah? Thanks.”

That’s when the living room faces a complete minute of gawkiness and silence. Allina sits on the sofa while I get her something to drink. I don’t know what to do now. Should I take her to my room? Probably show her my study room? I summon up my courage and walk towards the living room with a glass of orange juice in my hand. If I have decided to ‘transform’ this summer, I’m going to have to start taking some steps.

Hey, there! If you have been tracking this story give this post a like because I don’t know whether to continue posting the chapters. So, yeah.

-Drisha Dadheech


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